28 Feb 2008


OK I haven't blogged again for a while [again] - mostly due to the joys of food poisoning [mental note NEVER trust Tesco Value spag-bol - EVER!!] - it knocked my system for six & laid me out for the count from Saturday night till today - not cool, seeing as I have rather a lot of work to do & now much less time to do it in! I've now got just under 2 weeks for Pastoral Care, just under 3 weeks for Human Personhood Through Popular Art & then till 23rd April for the Dissertation [of Doom]. So I was totally laid low with abdominal pains & zero energy - just getting up & out of bed was a struggle & it's taken me all this time to get my energy levels up from nothing & to shift the poisoning! I'm running at about 90% I reckon, but I think a few more days & I'll be back to normal [whatever that is!!].

Also have now been with Maddie for 4 whole months - scary stuff, but rather spectacular all at the same time!! I've not seen her since last Thursday which sucks, but with me ill, it kinda limits my driving capabilities, but she's been really sweet & been checking up on me [awwww!] & my mum's been making sure I drink enough fluid & at least try to eat something - you know I'm ill when I struggle to eat half a bowl of soup - so very unlike me you might say!!

Right enough rambling, I've got to get on with some workington!!

Six out...

......we continue!!

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