1 Mar 2008


OK here's some very cool [nee geeky] things which have been rocking my socks for the past week[s]:

1] iGoogle: This is very cool little gadget which might save a little time. You can have as many apps as you want on your home page, or just have multiple tabs [a la Firefox] & have as many apps as you want on each tab. Currently I've got mine set up to check my 4 most read blogs, check my gmail & a couple of other apps like google maps search & some time & date app & another cool thing which I'll explain a bit more about in a tick - Google Notebook. I'll give a shout back to Olly Shaw for this info - I blame him & now I've got Maddie using it...let's see who else thinks it's any good?!

2] Google Notebook: OK so this leads me nicely onto something I just discovered this very evening, whilst doing a standard google search [like you do] & saw a little tag under each link called 'Note This'. Just click it & you can add it, ad hoc to a little app, add notations to each link or whatever & then this clever little app can be linked into your gmail account [come on people it's 2008 after all] or iGoogle & be accessed whenever you want. You can put certain links into catgories or folders for simple filing & then deleted when you're finished. Having only used it tonight I'm not sure it's totally without its faults. However, rather than having a ton of bookmarks [that's right not favorites - seriously does anyone still use Internet Explorer?!] when you're doing research, just have a load of notes. I like it!!

3] The other thing I've started using a bit [ok, only if you check my Facebook page with any regularity!!] is the the good old Beeb News Website has added something rather rad to the bottom of each & every one of their articles - tags! Seriously go have a look!! You can now bookmark [see they don't like IE either!!] with:

* Delicious
* Digg
* reddit
* Facebook
* StumbleUpon

The only one of those which really interested me was the Facebook one. All you do [so long as you are signed in on] is click on the the Facebook link at the end of the article & it adds it to your Posted Items, & you can add your own comments etc. I think it's a great way to share some interesting news articles with the world of people who don't check out the Beeb [I'm sure there must be some people out there!!].

Six out

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