1 Mar 2008

& another thing

I missed one off my list of geeky & useful...ok maybe 2!!

4] Firefox 3: For all of us who use an actual web browser rather than Internet Explorer [check out this classic blog about killing off IE!!] - Firefox, great news, Firefox 3 is out! for those still using good old Firefox 2 - get the beta version [aka Firefox 3.3 Beta] from this link. The only thing which confused the heck out of me was there was no home button - but it's right there in the toolbar - doofus!! It look a little sharper & definitely runs quicker, plus there are a load of new features - simple things like bookmark tags, feed tags, smart bookmarks, etc. Also it's much cleaner for filing bookmarks - much better!! Check it out, but do remember it is only a beta [i.e. not the final release version] so if you have any nagging issues or reservations - don't get it. The final release should be making its way online after this third beta has been fully tested with the users....us!! So get geeking!!

5] iSquint: OK this is only for you Mac users, but check out the free divx converter from iSquint. In essence all it does is compress the video from a source, say of an episode of Family Guy & shrinks down the size of the screen to exactly the same size as your iPod. Sounds completely pointless yes....well no actually it's a great & unbeleivibly fast way to switch divx [aka *.avi files] movies/tv/whatever so you can watch it on an iPod: classic/g2 nano/touch, all without the expense & hassle of upgrading to Quicktime Pro. I've never had a failed compress & I've managed to get a ridiculous amount of cra...stuff onto my iPod - for example a whole season of Firefly, all 6 seasons of Family Guy, all the Mighty Boosh & all my music video's on, all under 10GB [normally 40GB] so it's quite a saving of space & the quality is pretty good!! If only iPods actually had a reasonable battery life for watching videos on - d'oh!! One day I suppose!

Six out

PS Disclaimer: this was a very geeky blog & I almost apologize - if that was all greek to you I'm sorry, but I'm sure you'll get over it!!!

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