1 Mar 2008

Today's Stuff

OK so what have I actually been doing all do I hear you ask....OK maybe not, but I'm gonna tell you anyways!! OK here's a very brief [or not] summary, I got up really, irritatingly early - 7:45 & got up & chatted to my mum, trying to put the world to rights, over a cup of tea [win!] & then put some monies away for a rainy day & then hit the shops [uh-ohhhh!!] got some excellent stuffs tho - a couple of hoodies, which I suspect will be nabbed by a certain young woman, especially the Bench one!! Got Maddie some perfume & new one for me...that I'd never heard of before - always a good sign - that means noone else is gonna get it lolz! Also some Gap stuffs a pair of smart black trousers, well I didn't have any, some rad dark-blue chords, a cardigan [like a proper oap lolz!] & a very cool combat-style smart black coat & then went & got a couple of highly mature & not-at-all-silly-things from Toys 'r Us - some new nerf guns - win win win win 8o) just like the one's at my youth centre - pump action 10 shots & some six shooters just for good measure & some Star Wars Lego - yaaaaay Lego!! I've also pre-ordered the Muse Live DVD [H.A.A.R.P.] from Amazon [& more Lego lolz] & a game for my Mac [Command & Conquer: Generals]. Since that hard day's shoppering, I then came home, got distracted by watching the first Terminator movie & 24 Season 2, then actually managed to knuckle down & do some real work. Have just finished the first section for my essay [due in on 12th eeeeek!!], then I've got another essay due in a week later, then the Dissertation will be not that far behind the both of them!!

Right to war people!!!

PS Jsut go get "Soulwax...Most of the Remixes" it's really rather good!!

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