25 Jan 2010

More gamer-ing

More gaming - surely not? Well surely yes!

Another well-rated game (by Xplay 4/5) Those of us who play shooters & I'm definitely a big fan myself sometime cross over into the darkside & combine realism with a little bit of serious fiction - the dreaded Zombies! (mmmmmmmm brains - Si)

This is not the first Zombie orientated game I have played recently (the classic Dead Rising & the legendary Nazi Zombie bonus levels from Call of Duty 5: World at War) but it has a very different feel from either. Although planning is almost impossible - I have no idea where I'm going on the map...till I get there, the key difference is the simplicity of teamwork. You really will have to work as a team to survive - it's not every man for himself & if you don't heal your teammates - they won't do the same for you. Equally if you decide to run off ahead of your crew you will get overrun very quickly.

So far I've only played with as a 2 player co-op, but there is the scope for 4 player co-op which could be rather awesomes. Also there is a lot more to the game when you go online - I've not tested this out yet, but I feel it's only a matter of time.

The gameplay (so far only tested on easy) is very much run, gun & evade the horde of undead trying to help relieve you of your brain & make it alive to the 'safe room' which is full of resupply ammo & med packs & can grant a well-needed rest-bite from the chaos.

When on easy the zombies are fairly easy to dispatch, but crank it up a gear or 2 & it starts to really challenge the player. I'm still very much at the early stages, but what this game loses in graphics (they're very Valve, but not amazingly realistic) it makes up for in fun & mania.

Overall then a 4/5 from me, but I think I will wait till I've played online & see if that tips the balance into making this an awesome game!

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