13 Jul 2007

What ARE you doing?!

[Written Saturday 7th July & imported just now!]

Currently blogging in Starbucks in high street Oxford dressed up as smartly as I get these days (smart black open-neck shirt, jacket & chino's) reading Disconnected (Nick Barham, 2004) & reading all about blogging, so I thought I'd update again!

Been a very quiet week - ran 1 youthgroup, & have hung out with my friends Hobbit & Nate for most of the rest of the week, just playing 360 games & causing mischief lol! But mostly playing a few highly unethical games - Crackdown & Rainbow 6: Vegas.

Crackdown is basically Grand Theft Auto with steroids! Cue guns, explosions & killing bad guys, all from a 3rd person perspective. A patch was released for this game recently & it has yielded 2 cool things - resurrect the dead gang-members (i.e. the bad guys) & God mode - you can't die & have unlimited ammo - nice! This has mean being more creative with said bad guys & how you (ahem) stop them causing any more mischief!! It's all a little silly & comic-book violent & doesn't take itself at all seriously - I mean come on - how often do we jump off skyscrapers, into skyscrapers or even over 3 storey buildings - I suggest at least not often!!

The second game is much less comic-book & more 'real life'......kind of! Rainbow 6 Vegas - custom weapons hundreds of bad guys (not gang members this time - terrorists) & again it's set in America (umm Las Vegas) & the bad guys are either Russian, Mexican, Chinese or South American. The key emphasis for this game is not brash balls-out mayhem (although that sometimes happens!!) it's stealth, teamwork & trying to be as sneaky & silent as possible. But this is both punishing & rewarding in equal measures - it's really difficult to not die a lot, but amazingly satisfying when you move on to the next level!!

Frag this!


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