13 Jul 2007


Hey mes amies,

OK been a very quiet week - the most exciting thing I've done is watch ALL the Harry Potter movies back-to-back, then go to the cinema & watch the new one [Order of the Phoenix].

First a little about that movie - ignore all the media attention & just go see it, it is the best one in terms of special effects & acting [OK, with the exception of Dudley who is just a little too hammy for my tastes!] it's definitely trimmed down from the book, but that was huge to begin with. Everything just seemed a little more polished than before, it was less about gimmicky things [I assume
because people are used to this magical world by now] & more about the story & development of major characters. All the scenes with Sirius & Harry feel really heart-warming, as does the stuff with the DA. Umbridge appears to be as loathsome as in the book, & as for the battles near the end - they left me speechless. It did feel quite true to the book, but with some changes & trimmings. For fans of the books & films, I don't think you will be too disappointed! I intend to go watch it a second time - I think it THAT good!!!

Anyways, enough pottering about [sorry!] have also spent a lot of time gaming & boosting my Gamescore [the infamous points system on the Xbox 360, where gamers get points for if they complete certain stages of games on harder difficulty settings, or exceed at certain aspects of games] which is now approaching a fairly respectable 4500G [thank you Dynasty Warriors lol!]. Rainbow 6 Vegas has also been played heavily & has gotten very challenging shall we say!

To be continued!

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