13 Jul 2007

zupDATE pt 2

Also last weekend was Mr TC's Birthday Bonanza Weekend, which was both really good, yet also really challenging, because I saw an old friend who I had not seen since my dark & distant past. This was really difficult due to not knowing how they would see/judge me to be - in the same state as I was all those years ago [a little more explosive, charged & unhinged] or as I am now [slightly less of the above!!] The whole experience really shook me up, & caused me to leave one of the parties early [not the norm for me!].

It was bizarre, because before all that, my weekend was going rather swimmingly - had one of my really good friend's Wedding on the Saturday - Mrs Hannah Woods [as she is now called lol - go Hana!] followed by some crushing football & then loitering around in a pool [well I say pool - it was more like a large paddleing pool for adults lol!] with my best friend JMC passing me a beer every couple of minutes - so it was all shiny!! But that negative experience transported my back about 8 years to someone I once was - not good! However, I did manage to get my head around it & bring in some peace, with the aid of my esteemed counsellor - JP. That followed by some hardcore gaming with Nate & it was all green for me! Although when I heard the following song, I was challenged to think about my actions & reactions [which I haven't really gone in to, but I don't think it appropriate - so there!!]

"Right now we can't we can't stop what's coming on my way
How many more dark clouds will pass me in a day
Why, can't I tell myself to walk away?"

From a track called Stonecold, on one of the best albums I own - Mixmag: Big Room Trance, mixed by Armin Van Buuren - choon after choon aften choon, from back in 2003. It was a freebie that I bought on my way to Spring Harvest [Skegness] the first time I went & was the only CD I listened to all week & is just about the most perfect trance CD out there - although Sundissential 1, Disc 1 could give it a run for its money lol!

We're back!

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