1 Aug 2007

Day 4 of teh travelling!!

More bloggarage - this time from the hip & happening metropolis of Woking!! Day 4: Tuesday

Woke up.......eventually & trekked down to the beach (where I currently am) on the way went to a professional tatoo parlor & chatted to a artist - who seemed sure that I was not entirely 100% sure I wanted one & should really think first for a while & see, but could come back on Saturday if I wanted to get one for sure! Hmmmmm we shall see!!

Next we went to a coule of shops & I ended up getting a narly new Vans back-pack & new Mambo beach-towel in the sales - all very good! Then proceeded to have some McLunch & head on down to the beach!! Played a new & very bizarre card game called sh*thead!

Also spoke to young Sid at lunchtime & it looks like Woking is my next stop, so about to get my stuff together & head on off on the road again for more craaaziness!! When will it all end lol!

Eventually left the beach around 3ish & was really burned on the backs of my legs - d'oh! & on my shoulders quite badly, but all is fair in love & war........& sunshine!! Treked back to the car & left Mich in Bournemouth & started the very unknown journey to Woking - I think it's in Surrey, or so I'd been led to believe...an hour later & driving into the county of Surrey means yes, yes it is in Surrey lol!

Anyways got to a little village just outside Woking called St Johns & met up with the Sid (who's now sporting a rad mohawk!) & had dinner & went straight out to meet some of his amies!

Had a delayed pub visit, as Sid had no I'd (he's like 22 but they were being a little funny about it) then had a beer or 5 with his friends. Met some really rad people like Luke, Ben, Adam & a guy called Mark who was the ginger Jack Bauer (i.e. From 24!) complete with his own action figure!!!! Ttoally random, but funny bunch & we got on really well, based on our knowledge of the interweb - Zim, Family Guy, etc. & our similar humour - definite lol! We then went on a massively detouring detour via the train station back to Sid's at about 12.30 tired but in very good spirits!

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