1 Aug 2007

Bournmouth Day 2

Mooooooooooore holiday diarying! Day 3: Monday!

Definitely not a regular Monday! Woke up at 9, in definite need of a life-restoring cup of tea lol! Today Mich had an induction-day at a water park in Poole called Splashdown - it was very VERY rad!! We were there from 10-4 & I was going on the flumes & am thoroughly knackered! Then had some Nando's & am currently walking down to the sea again - hopefully will go in the mofo this time lol!

On the way to the beach stopped off in a Ben & Jerry's shop (next door to an Odeon cinema) & both got a double core sundae each & a milkshake with a double scoop in it - that's 4 scoops people - a lot!! That nearly killed us both so we staggered back home & grabbed a couple of DVD's & chilled out watching '5 Children & It' which was good & funny, but I fell asleep & started snoring.....allegedly lol!! Also tried to decide a) should I get a tattoo? & b) what to get? Eventually decided on a GIR (in dog disguise looking craaaazy) tattoo......somewhere, but not sure where lol!

I'm going to write more in a bit, cos it's not day 1/2/3 - it's day 5! Also I think I've missed a load of things that have happened since the 'Rock Off' post a while ago....HP7 book, Transformers, HP5 movie, my brother - hmmm I feel more blogging w00t w00t!!!

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