1 Aug 2007

Road Trippin' Day 2

More you say? Day 2 - Sunday:

After going to bed at midnight, woken up by 'Cat of Doom' (scary eyes & coughing up a lung at 4am!) hung out with Steve, Sarah, Emily & baby Oliver in the morning, mostly being bossed around by young Emily (playing with special scissors & a tea set w00t!) About to take the dogs for a walk in the woods (they have electronic collars with shocks from 1-4, Ste tried it on me on level 1 - ouch, but Ste had it on 4 - shocking - allegedly it hurt till the next day lol!!), then got a meeting for camp (seniors week for Mid Wessex) at lunchtime.

Spoke to Jen who now has tonsillitis - not cool, but will try to visit her....if she's feeling betterer - need to stay healthy this summer - have places to go & many people to see lol! A trifle selfish - but also very realistic! Oh also just got a call from Mich - she's finished work early so will head down to Bournemouth nice & early w00t w00t!!

Meeting finished at around 4.30 & met with some cool people for camp - definitely a youthful, yet mature bunch of leaders & very different to the junior 2 leaders (I think that's mostly down to the fact that I knew 50% of that crew outside of Mid Wessex context). I'm definitely stoked by the content & crew I'm going to be working with - Jo & John are pretty rad & I think that by the end of the week fellowship should be definitely coming into play!

Got down to Bournemouth at about 5ish & met up with Mich, then walked from her new Uni house in Winton into Bournemouth town centre for some fish & chips on the beach (courtesy Harry Ramsdens's) then some beverages. We went to a few bars & ended up drinking a Brazilian beer called Brahma & with every couple of beers getting another free pair of flip-flops - eventually we ended up with 7 pairs between us!! The walk home was cool & we really got caught up on stuff that'd been going on, etc. We crashed out at like midnight & were rather merry!!

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