1 Aug 2007

Holiday Bloggage - Day 1

Fresh from the pages of my phone - enjoy:
Day 1: Saturday

Started off on the road & it felt amazing!! Spoke to the Ste, Mr Olivander & Sidney - all quite stoked about the road-trip, but not as much as me lol!!

Eventually arrived (off the beaten track & I think I really do need to get Satnav now lol) at a country-retreat just outside Marlow - totally outrageously awesome pad - swimming pool, hot tub - no neighbours - proper rad!

Had a few beers & a dip in both pools, then went out into Marlow (The Ship) & had some more beers & am havin fun & hangin out with Dan & Ste!

Food was officially leftovers, but was BBQ meat, pizza, chips & wedges - but was amazing - nice one Ste & Sarah!!

We really do continue! ;o)

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