6 Sep 2007

Day 23

After that first difficult day many a prayer request, hopefully things will get better! Let's find out:

Day 23 (ish) Sunday

Got up (struggling lol), had the prayer meeting, then breaky, 1st session & discussion group - real quiet, will have to micro-manage the questions more carefully & encourage them to be more open to discussion.

Next was designing flags & teepee-exterior-things (for evening's activity). Next was team games/activities - we cheated, but never won! Eventually got rained off! Then came into the marquee, James M ran a few quizzes, quite good, but the Shooting Stars went down the best - proper lol e.g. (Q: Name a day of the week. A: Tuesday)

Got a call from Hobbit, although it transpires that he didn't technically call me, it was still good to chat to him about stuffs - bless him! Turns out that Rosie & Mad-Eye are at the same week of Soul Survivor as The Others (KBC crew; AJ, Hobbit, Jen, Lego, Duplo, G, etc.) & actually met up with Hobbit & Jen - bizarre!!

The evening's activity was the teepee making - 8 garden canes, string, gaffa-tape, & our bed-sheets that were decorated earlier - ours was definitely structurally the best, with guy-ropes, pegs, etc. but hey, what can u do?! Also got given glow-stick necklace & stick (which I used as a pendant - winner) Strangely no1 has broken theirs open...yet!!

Saloon - pancakes - much better than Junior 2 lol! Now is about 10 & feelin properly knack'd, will try to crash out at the earliest possible opportunity lol!!

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