6 Sep 2007

Day 22

OK it's been a little while since last I blogged, but don't worry kids - I kept me blog going using word on my mobile lol!! This blog is starting with MWCC Senior Week - but be warned I found this week a real challenge! Enjoy:

Day (I dunno 22 maybe?!) - Saturday

Woke up at silly o'clock (6.45am), got out of bed an hour later, & then threw some clothes in my holdall, got the rest of my stuff needed for camp, got dressed up in my narly O'Neill trousers & red Muse top & headed down to pack the car. Had a quick chat with Ian, but going to not borrow any money this week (my mum filled my car with fuel & gave me £50, so should be sorted for camp...hopefully!). Chucked everything in the car (including a warmer 3-season sleeping bag) & progged my TomTom to get me to camp home base & set off for camp, albeit a little more nervous than on junior week 2.

The journey down was ok...then it started raining with about 40 miles to go (d'oh - why am I wearing trousers?!) & decided to try to avoid Lyndhurst, by going the way me & Hobbit used when we dropped of that camper a couple of weeks ago. I tried to do this by progging the TomTom to miss out the road to Lyndhurst, but it was going miles out the way, so I tried that way through Emery Down (or Green or whatever it's called lol), which confused the living crap outta my SatNav lol, but hey it caught up with my plan...eventually lol!!!

Got to camp & said g'day to the weeks head honcho - James, helped set up some monumental tent & a couple of smaller ones, & found where we were sleeping! Then the rain started.......& continued all afternoon! We had a little leaders intro, some luncheon & had a look at the program.

I'm leading a crew with a guy called John & a girl called Jo (who would be arriving later on that afternoon). Met a couple of our tent crew & they seem cool, will see how relationships develop through the week.

Feeling more than a little nervous at the moment - mostly because I don't really know anyone (apart from Loz) so I think this is going to be a really challenging week. This not exactly helped by a big drive over the past few days, my unnatural tiredness (through the Ami) & the fact that the weather really sucks - cold, wet & thoroughly miserable!!

...to be continued!

Well had an introduction by James, now on a bit of down/unpack time before dinner, the rain has eased to be more of a dribble, which is much betterer lol! We're all (me John & another James) in one of the really dark tents which is great, but I can't see lol, also had to mop it out, because there were a couple of pools of water on the groundsheet - d'oh!! Feeling a little less apprehensive, but this is still going to get getting used to methinks!

Had a good dinner & chatted to Stevie G & John C - good times, good times!

Next headed off the beach (but Highcliffe Castle this time - not the same as Junior Week) for a wander & to get into teams & come up with a team chant - ours was kinda silly, but funny at the same time - we're the sherriff's & ours went:

'Nothing rhymes with sherriff, shake & bake cowboy!!!'

Classics lol! However, walking solitarily on the way, & chatted with Ian T on the way back. Also on the way, sent out a mass prayer appeal (if your one of those who got that text, many blessings!) to try to sort out; the rubbishy weather & my lonliness & apprehension, feeling out of place, etc. Got a few replies, which was great, but really not finding this cool so far - patience my son, patience!!

Got back, had the saloon, but wandered out to chat to Jo (thanks my dear Josephine!) & chilled out, then off to bed for 11ish (takin the Ami so crashed straight out!). Did get a few texts from Jennie which was cool - lookin after me from afar...kinda! Hopefully things will improve over the week

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