6 Sep 2007

Day 25

Day 25 - Tuesday
Morning breaks & crawl out of my sleeping-bag! Had breakie & then the 3rd session - rest of the Old Testament, then had an OK discussion group, followed by a footie match - English vs. Welsh, the result.........no score draw!!!

The afternoon activity was the stagecoach rally - went to the woods, a town & the beach for a photo challenge - did have to stay in the coach with Tim - he'd busted his knee (during the football) & might have damaged the ligaments in his knee, so had to sit out of the activity – hopefully he will recover before the end of the week! This was quite a rad activity & the group worked well together again! Also, not that I'm a jelous man, but when we went to the beach it was perfect for swimming & I didn't have my boardies - fail!! But some of the crew went in, as they were prepared for just such an occasion!!

When we got back, spent time chatting to Little Lauren about many things; spiritual gifts, the trinity & revelation - was tough, but alright (I hope!). Also spoke to Jen on the phone, who didn't have much to say, which was pretty rubbish, but hey, she's at SS with the crew!

Evening was wathcing the film The Wild Wild West, followed by a campfire, with cocoa & toasting marshmallows, but hit the sack (or sleeping-bag if you will) early - like 10.30!!

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