6 Sep 2007

Day 24

Day 24 - Monday
Another struggling wake up - earlier today for a communion - with real vino (well Blossom Hill lol) & a massive loaf of bread! Then breakie, & the 2nd session & the 2nd discussion group - not as stagnant as yesterday - sat outside today as it was almost sunny lol! Then luncheon, closely followed by bowling - western style! We all (well the leaders) dressed as cowboys (I had my red-checkered grunge shirt, & red buff as a neckerchief thing, cowboy hat & some jeans - winner! Bowling was coolie, played Ghost Squad (awesome guns & perfect arcade action) & House of the Dead 3 (we should have shotguns for this kind of deal!) oh & had 2 games of 10 pin bowling lol! I didn't do particularly well (surprise, surprise lolz!) but managed to get a strike & a spare over the course of 2 games (but Giz would still have whooped me lol!)!

The evening's activity was the Cowboy Catwalk! This was a dressing up campers affair, we dressed up 2 camps - one in full cowboy attire, the other as a Indian princess - we were pretty good – I think we should have won the competition, but we were third - beaten only but the cooks/tech team (well who would out-vote the cooks, unless they didn't want any food lol!). This was the first time that the whole group really gelled & worked as a team – was pretty awesome! The Saloon with milkshakes with glow-stick straws - very unique lol! Then had to prep for the next day's discussion group before heading to bed.

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