18 Aug 2007

Day 20 Thursday

Day 20 Thursday

Got up early[ish] & had received an anonymous text asking about what I thought about someone, so I gave it to them as straightforwardly as us guys can do!! i.e. we’re friends & no more & don’t misinterpret warmth & affection with love & fancying someone!! Then after getting beach-ready, me & Jen got beach-bound! Taking in the wonderful shops of Paignton [hmmm not convinced lol] before picking up a copy of Youthwork magazine & hitting the beach [yaaay red sand lol!].

We headed to subway for luncheon, before disappearing to the pier again for amusements [again] this time Jennie was playing the weirdest 2p machine I’ve ever seen – you play it whilst playing Pacman – dude whaaaat?! Then wandered through the surf again, then headed up the dreaded Doom Steps [there’s lots of them & they’re very steep, so don’t ask lol!] to go back to Jen’s.

Am currently sat writing my blog after polishing off my September edition of the youthwork report for the local newspaper thing [Nor Lye News w00t w00t!!]. Tonight gonna actually watch Shooter & get my stuff together – need to head off fairly early tomorrow, as Jen needs to be in Oxford earlyish & as I now need to talk to my Grandfather [Ian] about my sibling & he possibility of my 3rd road trip….or I ain’t going nowhere lol!!!

Also had a couple of phone calls from a panicking parent [Mother!] about my little brother – I think I’m going to need all my powers of persuasion, to get him out of his problems methinks! Oh & Hobbit rang, missing all the crew [presumably a post-camp blues] & so I advised him [as his attorney to take a hit from the little brown bottle…oh wait that Fear & Loathing lol] to shut up & go to Soul Survivor lol!! A friend of ours had offered him a free trip, transport both ways & to stay with his crew. So get on with it…any questions? No? Gooooood!!!

Had some beef stroganoff – yummy & watching some drama [kind of a Morse knock-off by BBC1] on the box.

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