18 Aug 2007

Let's do a road trip!!

Day 17 Monday

Got up at a reasonable hour, pack & began Road Tip Part 2!! Using the joy’s of TomTom, I programmed in my destination postcode & started my journey. It was really quite useful, but the voices were quite irritating, so changed it to Australian guy – brilliant, but I think I want to [ahem] borrow some more from Mexico lol!

Anyways, drove down to Jennie’s – it’s actually quite far – over 170 miles each way, so by the time I got down to Jens, I’d clocked over 1000 miles [yaaay!!] this summer!! On the way down gave the Global Soundsystem CD another bash [or should that be bosh lol – oh, you don’t understand do you! Well…oh nevermind!!]. Anyways, it is real good – the 1st disc is a bit of Electro House, but with trancier elements, the 2nd disc is [jaw drops, pulls face of ecstasy] REALLY good, right from the beginning all the way through – there’s reversions of classics & trance mixes of electro, & it just OWNS!! The 3rd disc didn’t really get a list to, but there’s always the journey home lol!!

So arrived, chilled out & had some dinner, then disappeared off to the cinema to watch Simpsons the movie – which was really funny [even if we did arrive a few minutes late lol] & used a mix of slapstick & less obvious humor, like reference & political – win!! Finally came home & chilled the hell out lol!

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