18 Aug 2007

Return to Oxford

Day 21 Friday

Got up at a reasonable hour [9ish], got all our stuff together, & started off on the journey back. However, I managed to forget all my sugar – not good for a 170 miles trip lol! So re-started the journey, & got stuck in horrible traffic lol! Got back to Oxford around 2.30, got all my stuff out of the car [w00t] & got some washing done [w00t w00t!], then had a ‘conversation’ with my Brother – oh the joys lol! This took a little while, then had to drop off some more stuff to Hobbit & Jennie then eventually had some chillin’ time! Still got to chat to Ian, so I can secure some funds for the next few weeks! Also not going to pack till the morning – too tired lol!

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