18 Aug 2007

To the beach!!!

Day 19 - Wednesday

OK got up real late [I think my Ami is playing tricks with my sleeping patterns...again!] – i.e. just before 12, now planning to head on down to the beach/into town. Spoke to Vicky & as she only lives about 10 miles away suggested we all [Tuckett also lives near her] meet up at a pub somewhere in Paynton this afternoon. Also, did some more blogging [about the Scuba Diving day] & Facebook messaging to young Jules [we’re still praying my dear!], then grabbed my boardies & headed into town!

Got a lift in with Jen’s mum, & walked along the beach & dipped [kind of] in the wash of the sea, then it started tipping it down, so went to a pub [The Spinning Wheel] for a Guiness lol. When we were sat, we chatted a bit more about us & how I think our relationship could work, both for this year & in the years to come – was cool, but I’m still going to have to wait & see! We then went looking around the shops, which were very um seaside-towny lol! But we did find a narly surf-shop called 360 degrees – they had some real rad stuff, but a little expensive & my wallet was not full enough to indulge lol!!

Next we met up with the Tuckett & the Vickster for another Guiness & some chips [yaaay chips!] in the pub [this time the Inn on the Green], then headed off to the pier for some fun on the arcades – a very good use of time & resources – Jennie & Tuckett hit the dance machines & me & the Vickster blew stuff up!! It was a very narly game called Ghost Force [or something like that] with what I think were MP5 assault rifles – very narly!! Finally we tried to kill a load of vombies on the ridiculous House of the Dead 4 [very silly – you had to shake your Uzi to reload it & shake it more if a zombie thing clung on to you – dude whaaaaat?!].

When the other 2 had gone, me & Jennie met up with Jennie’s mum [Sue] for some fish & chips, from some award-winning place [not sure what awards they won though – suspect lol!!] then came back & watched some more TV & then my new movie Shooter [but I felled asleep….again – there’s a total surprise!!]

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