18 Aug 2007

Penultimate nite

Day 14 - Friday
Ahhh another day, another early morning, only one more day till the end of MWCC Junior Week 2 & definitely feeling the strain lol!! Today was Dave Wright's early morning session, was good & inspirational - everyone can struggle, no one can be perfect all the time!

After breakfast, me & the Tizzy, went shopping in New Milton, officially to get some beads, but also to find some form of outfit for the medieval fair. OK, here’s where we went to; Party Spot for outfits [knight & gypsy wench lol], a toy store for cowboy hat & crown & wear it down the road lol, Woolworths for 2 mahoosive guns, beads, more beads, & some beads, choons, & sweets! A haberdashery (dude what?!) for hair wrap stuffs, Help the Aged (help the mofo aged lol) for an outfit for Rosie. Was all good fun lol!

The afternoon’s activity was the Medieval Fair, with knockout-joust-things, a bouncy castle, stocks [for pelting leaders with sponges], a doughnut eating competition, face-painting, splat-a-rat & finally me & Tizzy’s stall – with temporary tattoos, hair braiding, & beads. Was really busy, enough for us to need a break to re-setup the stall lol!! After a couple of hours [I think] a mass water-fight erupted lol! I believe that young Tim & George [those crazy Ministry of Fun kids] may possibly have started it a water pistol [with my own super-soaker no less] & water bombs! The challenge was accepted by the guns of the mighty water-warriors of; me, Tizzy & Rosie, to be joined by Mad-Eye [when Tim relinquished my super-soaker lol]. When a halt had been called i.e. every single leader [apart from Captain Beaky & a few others who ‘might not approve’] had been drenched, everyone sorted themselves out & got ready for the evening’s BBQ.

There were a few issues I had about the course of the conversation [I got a little irritated with mes amies], but a chat with Hobbit & some good QOTSA & Arcade Fire sorted me out! The night’s activity was Line Dancing [eeek] – led by the Tiz, during which I actually took part, until I started getting my feets trod on by Nate & Wrighty [ouch]. After this was cocoa & then PJ's - encore was the pie sketch – legendary! It was a real late night chatting & stuffs & then get into bed & hear the pitter-patter of silly feet - Madders & Rosie - them crazy kidz lol!

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