18 Aug 2007

MWCC Last Day!

Day 15 - Saturday
Well it’s official, it’s the last day of Junior week of Mid Wessex Christian Camp 2007 – yaaay & nooooo all at the same time!! Feeling stoked about going back home to get a bath & a beer, but real sad that I’m not going to see all the campers for another year. I’m even sadder about the leaders – they’ve been an awesome crew & I’m going to miss those who I developed the beginnings of brilliant friendships with, naming no names [What? I wouldn’t want people to get too big an ego lol, plus I wouldn’t want to create anything like the girls’ Fit List lol!!]

Anyways, it was Shani’s turn for leading the leaders prayer & bible session & was great, then for prayer, we made a circle outside, & we prayed for our brothers & sisters on our left & right [mine were Wrighty & Geoffers], then for the whole camp & back-up crew & the following weeks of MWCC [of which I’m also doing the seniors week – sounds like an OAP camp, but I don’t think it is lol!!].

I decided we should try to wake up the campers ‘properly’, so did a repeat of last years wake-up call [In Your Honor, by the Foo Fighters], but this time with the great Muse lol. I drove my little purple bubble round to the back of the oldest boys’ tent, cranked up all the amps & sub to maximum levels, then selected a track called Stockholm Syndrome [yes hobbit, I know you know it well!] by the Muse & blasted it out at 25 [that’s REALLY loud, normally 21 is ear-shattering, so 25 is bad lol!!]. I think it’s fair to say that I managed to wake everyone up with that lol!! However, I was getting approached by someone on camp who obviously didn’t approve of my taste in music & I’m sure that if I’d let it blast on for a few more tracks I would have got my wrists [or somewhere else] slapped lol!! Come on people this is camp lol!!

After a hearty [but colored-porridge-less] breakfast, me & Wrighty distributed the photo’s of our tent crew. We all wrote encouraging notes, verses, etc. in each others [the photos were in like a card layout thingy, so there was a blank space next to the photo itself]. Then in my infinite [or some might say questionable] wisdom, I decided to go pegging [for those uninitiated it’s where you get a clothes-peg & peg it on unassuming victims for giggles lol!] but with a twist, on the peg I put ‘pegged by Pikachu Ind. lol’, so the culprit could be identified – me lol! I started off with a couple of easy ones, but was challenged to do someone difficult – the Tizzmeister – hmmmm!! Was not really a challenge, but hey, what can you do lol!!

Next it was the clear-up & pack-away mission. For this, because I was loading up my car, I decided now was the appropriate moment to see what my new Global Soundsystem CD would be like – yaaay! Not a bad choice – starting with some Chemical Brothers , then moving on to some rock & Ibiza beats – a good start, will have to give that a real good listen to when I’m next on a road trip…so Monday then lol!!

Also had to persuade Tizzy it was a really good idea that she gave me back all my monkeys’ lol! Generously donated my big chimp to Tizzy [well she is the monkey pimp lol] & the little grey possum-thingy to Mad-Eye lol, so only had my snoring monkey left to give to Jennie – awwww [I hope she like it lol]!! Also we’d received the leaders photographs from Loz, so I thought I’d try to get mine signed…a little bit…by all the tent crew officers – yaaay! Then I got what are know as Rosie Cheeks – yeah as Rosie attacked me with an orange felt tip lol [it wasn’t until later on that I noticed my nose was the same color – double-lol!!].

Next it was time for the final morning session – which was a look back at what we had learned this week & finished with the famous MWCC song…ummm which I’ve kinda forgotten [what is it Jules?!]. After the last session finished, I drove the Tizzy back into New Milton, so she could repay me for the Medieval Fair thingy, back to the Tesco’s, where she popped in to grab a bottle of water & spotted a Leffe beer which was “calling to her” lol, so I told her I never go anywhere without a bottle opener – so go get the mofo lol!! Chilling out, with a beer, with a new friend, like naughty kids – win, win, WIN!!

When all the campers had gone & the leaders were ready to go, we were all going to go to the pub in a convoy – yaaay!! I was taking Hobbit back, & so as a tribute to the week, we left to the sounds of the Knights of Cydonia [come on Mid Wessex – “No one’s gonna take me alive, you & I must fight for our riiiiiiights, etc. COME ON!!!]

All the way to the pub, in for a quick Guinness [or 2 for Hobbit] & a sacrificial Magner’s – on behalf of Tizzy [who was going with Captain Beaky & couldn’t join us – d’oh], before heading back with some quality rock! The final act of craziness was to go for a quick burn, listening to those Knights again, & New Born [both by Muse for the uninitiated lol] at a blistering volume of 22-23 & belting it out [I think we’re going to have to learn & perform the Knights for the next MWCC wethinks lol!!].

After dropping off all my stuff at my house [thanks Hobbit], I dropped him back, & got a bath on the go, & a bottle of Magner’s lol! The washing of necessity lol!!

After being made clean [oh so clean!], I decided to drop in to see Jeanie [me Gran] to check about switching the gift of a camera to a SatNav. She was 100% cool about me changing it [well it was a gift after all!] – so now stoked & will get the monies from me Mum & go straight down to Sainsbury’s…if it’s open lol!

So yeah, did just that, & [eventually] got a TomTom one – win, win, WIN!! It was supposed £160, but I used my Nectar points, oh & the people in Sainsbury’s can’t count, so I got it for £160 minus £12.50 minus £10, so like £137.50 [I think!] wicked! Then finally, had another Magner’s & stayed up real late & watched some of the TV I had recordified [The Bill – yaaay!] lol!

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